I quite like how often Lestrade touches Henry in Hound. Throughout the whole scene in the hollow he’ll put his hand on Henry’s shoulder a few times. He runs to him when Henry starts really losing it and attacking Dr. Frankland, and Lestrade is the first to pull him off and then he kind of holds him for a bit and for a good while after he just has his hand on his shoulder again. I think it’s really lovely. It’s worth noting that John does more or less the same but in Lestrade’s case I personally interpret it as that very paternal instinct to protect and comfort and I think it’s really nice :)

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    Lestrade with a tan and sunglasses is all the excuse one needs flawless acting decisions are just a bonus
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    Best thing about this is that it gives me yet another excuse to rewatch Hounds.
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    Oh, I’m so glad someone finally mentioned this. Yes.
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